March 15, 2010

Review Series: El Triunfador #4

I'm now on the back stretch of my El Triunfador from Pete Johnson series review. With three sizes still to smoke, this Sunday I went with the classic Robusto #4. Again, if you are interested in purchasing this cigar, please visit my sponsor New Havana Cigars and tell them Crooked Burn set you.

Vitola: Robusto
Length: 5
Ring Gauge: 48
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: $6.73 (when bought in boxes of 25)
Smoking Location: House of Cigar, Columbus, Ohio
Beverage: none

The wrapper on my El Triunfador #4 reminds me of the #3 in this line because it was an even, dark,  chocolatey brown with minimal veins. All of the other vitolas have had some marbling in the color, but the #3 and the #4 are solid. Two differences I picked up on the #4 that I did not experience in the other sticks was that this one had a slight floral aroma to it while unlit and, once clipped, it had a tighter draw than the others. The pre-lit draw had a minimal sweet tobacco taste.

First Third
El Triunfador #4 lit very easy and immediately produced tons of thick, creamy smoke. Although the smoke was very dense, the flavors were not nearly as strong right from the get go like I had experienced with the other El Triunfador vitolas. I got some woody notes mixed in with a mild white pepper. Basically, it had the same tastes as the other sticks, just not as powerful. The burn on the cigar was perfect and the ash was nice and solid. Although the pre-lit draw was a little snug, once lit, the cigar opened up perfectly and was very easy to smoke. The body was medium.

Second Third
This cigar burns beautify. Smoking through the second third of the cigar, I would say this size of the El Triunfador burns the most evenly and most slowly. Being the second largest of the ring gauges offered, I guess that comes as no surprise. The thing that was a little disappointing this far was the flavor. I was still getting the same flavors from the first third with wood and white pepper, but the flavor was weak. I don't mean weak in power or body, but weak in the amount of flavor. I was not experiencing the complexity that I had with most of the other sizes' flavor profiles.

Final Third and Final Thoughts
 The final third of my El Triunfador #4 was just the same as the first two thirds of the cigar. The burn was spot on and never needed relighting. The amount of smoke the cigar produced was still massive, but the flavors were just not there. The woodiness was nice and the pepper kept showing that it was there, but just not in the same way I had expereinced before in this line of cigars.

Final thoughts: I enjoyed the cigar and, if I had not smoked a bunch of the other El Triunfador vitolas, I would probably have a much more glowing review. The construction was close to perfection and the stick required no maintenance, but in my opinion, the #4 just does not hold up to the others.



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