April 24, 2010

PREVIEW: NHC Seleccion Limitada

Last night I hung out over at New Havana Cigars HQ with Dan (@NHCDAN on twitter) and he hooked me up with a preview of his NHC Seleccion Limitada stick. He asked me not to do a detailed review until I get one of the full production sticks that are due in next week, but said I could post some first thoughts.

First thoughts...
Love the size.
Burns like a champ; tightly packed and holds a firm ash.
Starts out with some Nicaraguan zing and bold thick smoke.
Smoke mellows out and has a really strong, nice, clean sweetness.

If you like Tatuaje, you're going to love this. I'll leave the rest of the details and flavors until my full review.  Some (iphone) picture below.


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