May 30, 2010

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Dan Welsh, New Havana Cigars

Today I am posting a video I did in collaboration with Mario from Lounge 1492. In this video I (complete with hair sticking up the whole time) asked Dan Welsh (owner of New Havana Cigars) about his recent release of the NHC Seleccion Limitada made by Tatuaje Cigars. If you have read my reviews of these two sticks here, and here, you will know that I am a fan. It was fun to chat with Dan and hear just a little more about these sticks and where the concept to make them came from.

(Unfortunately we had some problems with the audio, so I apologize for the muted voices. We are working to correct that on the next video.)

New Havana Cigars - Interview - Lounge 1492 from Mario Takeyama on Vimeo.


  1. Thanks for the interview Dan and Dan - well done, this blend is very interesting.

  2. Could hardly hear due to the manic music track laid on this video.

    Love both of the cigars though.

  3. yeah should had laid off the music. But great interview anyways.