November 15, 2010

REVIEW: La Aurora 107 Lancero

I fell a little behind on my reviews last month (I had spent most of my time on my other project, so by now I'm sure I'm close to last on reviewing the much talked about "Twitter cigar". Just in case you have been living under a rock and have not heard about this stick, the La Aurora 107 is a popular blend from Guillermo León (@GuillermoLeon_ on twitter) that had so many requests for it to be made in a lancero vitola, that "the dream became a reality". A lot of those requests came to Guillermo via  twitter, so it only seems fitting that the name of this cigar is The "Twitter cigar".  

OK, now that we have that out of the way, let's get on with the important part...the review.

Vitola: Lancero
Length: 7 Ring Gauge: 40
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican & Nicaraguan
Price: $7.00
Smoking Location: Explorer Lounge
Beverage: water
Manufacture's Website:

My La Aurora 107 lancero was a great looking cigar. The wrapper was a nice oily, medium brown color with only one noticeable vein. For it's slender size, this cigar had some serious weight to it. I could tell by pinching the stick from head to foot that is was evenly packed, and packed about as full as it could be without bursting. The prelight aroma was interesting because, at first, all I could smell was earthy tobacco, but after a few whiffs I started to get a orange peel scent. The pigtailed head clipped easily and the cold draw tasted of clean tobacco. One thing to note for certain is, even with how packed this cigar was, the draw was exceptional and required no pull air through the stick.

First Third 

I lit my La Aurora 107 lancero with a single torch and like in the pre-light, was impressed with just how easy the cigar was drawing. Lanceros, due to there size, can be a bit tight on the draw if not done by someone with some serious skill.  It is obvious to me that La Aurora has some talented rollers. The cigar produced a lot of smoke and burned very well. The initial flavor was mostly earthy tobacco, but just on the front of each draw, there was a kick of black pepper. The ash of the cigar was typical of a small ring gauge and held on for just over half an inch before falling into my ash tray. The body started out in the medium range, but the flavor strength was very full.

Second Third   

The second third of my La Aurora 107 Lancero really changed up the flavors on me. The slight black pepper kick is now completely gone and the earthy tobacco now took more of a clean richer tobacco flavor. To add to that change, the most noticeable difference was the flavor in the finish. After exhaling each puff, I could taste a very distinctive orange peel flavor that was not present in the first third. This sweet flavor mixed in with the rich tobacco, playing very well together to a created a very interesting and enjoyable smoke. Again, I have to rave about the effortless draw on this stick. I can't stand a cigar with a tight draw and this was definitely not one of them. The body was that same as the first third -- medium.

Final Third and Final Thoughts
The final third of my La Aurora 107 Lancero was very similar to the second. The flavors were maybe just a little less strong than they were before, but I would not call them weak in the slightest. I was still getting a nice rich clean tobacco taste on the front, with the sweet orange peel on the finish. The cigar never got hot and, even after the photo above was taken, I picked the stick back up and smoked it further to the nub.

My final thoughts on the La Aurora 107 Lancero? This is a nicely flavorful and expertly constructed cigar. The blend of natural tobacco tastes mixed in with the sweet orange peel notes made for a relaxing and almost palate-cooling smoke. The thing I can't say enough about this cigar is just how effortless it was to smoke. This is the easiest smoking lancero I have smoked in awhile, and maybe even ever. I could pull huge clouds of smoke out of this stick with just the slightest draw. To me, that really adds to the smoking experience.

Would I buy it again? At 7 bucks a stick, I would for sure buy this cigar again. I think this stick is worth more than that. If I can find more, I will definitely pick some up.

Would I buy a box?  I don't think I could smoke this cigar everyday, but I do think it would be a great cigar to share with others. For that reason, I could see myself getting a box if they were available.


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  1. You have designed your thoughts in a great way. If someone will not read the story and only look at the pictures will get to know what you want to say? This is realy a great choice and I am a great smoker of these cigars.

    Wish you Good Luck