April 30, 2012

Review: Nat Sherman Timeless

Up for review today is an interesting cigar; one that combines two great companies in the cigar industry for the first time. The Nat Sherman Timeless collection is a combination effort from Nat Sherman's executive director of retail and brand development, Michael Herklots, and the Quesada family of MATASA factory fame.

A quote from Michael Herklots about the Timeless line of cigars: "The Timeless collection represents a culmination of feedback from over 200 retailers and consumers, each offering suggestions on flavor, packaging and price. The four sizes are blended in a way that allow each format to offer a different experience.  Rather than modifying the fillers to maintain a consistent flavor across the four sizes, we maintained the proportions and ratios of the filler, so they interact differently with the wrapper and binder. The Timeless collection is a completely new look and experience for Nat Sherman Cigars." 
I've had the chance to smoke this line in its smallest size, but not yet in this vitola. I've really enjoyed some recent stuff from MATASA. I hope this goes the same way.

Vitola: Hermoso
Length:  5 1/4 
Ring Gauge: 54
Wrapper: Honduran
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican and Nicaraguan
Price: $?
Smoking Location: my back deck
Beverage: water

OK. I know I am in the minority here because I have heard other respectable people talk about it, but I don't care for the band graphic. I get that it's an art deco watch. The cigar is called Timeless...OK, OK. Different strokes for different folks. I had to get that out of the way. Moving on...The wrapper on my Timeless was a chocolate brown color with a great oily sheen. The wrapper leaf was very smooth, although it did have some significantly sized veins. The pre-light aroma was peppery -- so much so that it really made my nose tingle and felt like I was going to sneeze. The cap clipped effortlessly and the cold draw had a interesting natural tobacco and sweetness taste. That sounds not all that exciting, but it was a very interesting flavor. I'm just not sure how to describe it better. Someone please leave a comment on what you thought the cold draw tasted of because I'd love to hear others' take.  

First Third   
The first third of my Timeless really started off with a bang of flavor both on the front and the finish. Also, I have to mention this stick smokes like a chimney. There was a ton of resting smoke that easily filled the room me and my smoking partner were sitting (he was also smoking a Timeless).  The flavors were a strong and pronounced leather front profile, mixing with a black peppery finish. The finish flavor seemed to grow even more between draws on the cigar. If anyone reading this review has read some of my others, they will know I love a peppery cigar. The construction was great and the burn didn't have any problems. I'd say the first third of the cigar was in the medium range nicotine strength wise.
Second Third  
The second third of my Timeless had some nice flavor changes mostly on the finish. The front was still primarily a leather taste, but some peppery spice had moved in to keep it company. The finish during the second third became very earthy with just a hint of coffee to keep it clean and fresh. At this point in the cigar, even with all of the different flavors going on, I have to say it was very well balanced. All of the flavors seemed to work well and none dominated nor overpowered. Another change during the second third was the nicotine strength ramped up for me into the full range. It was not a gut punch strength, but more of a head buzz. I'd make sure I had a decent meal before sparking one of these up again. No construction or burn issues to speak of during this part of the cigar.
Final Third and Final Thoughts 
The final third of my Timeless was a clone of the second third and that was just fine with me. The flavors on the front of leather and pepper played expertly with the earthy coffee finish making the end of this smoking experience very enjoyable. The nicotine strength had ramped up well into the full range during the final third, but it was not too much or sickening. Just proceed with some caution if you're passing these out to newer smokers. No relights and no hotness/bitterness in the cigar all the way down to the nub.

My final thoughts on The Nat Sherman Timeless? I really liked this cigar. I mean I REALLY liked this cigar. The flavor profile with the spiciness is right up my alley. I am pleased and excited to see that this combo of Nat Sherman and MATASA have produced something different than what I think what people will expect and something that I feel will appeal to a lot of hardcore cigar guys/gals. Bravo to them! I look forward to whatever else they come up with in the future.

Would I buy it again? Yes, without a doubt. I'm all out ,so I will be placing an order.

Would I buy a box?  I think it is box-worthy.



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