July 26, 2010

SERIES REVIEW: Tatuaje Verocu #5 (Pre Release)

Today's Pete Johnson pre-release cigar review is the Tatuaje Verocu #5. To my knowledge (please correct me if I'm wrong) this is not a limited edition cigar, but a full line release that will be produced on a regular basis. They come un-banded and in cabinets of 50 sticks. 

Some general info on the Verocu line from the New Havana Cigars website: The Verocu blend was created as an extension to the Havana VI line and was originally released as a regional stick - one size for the West Coast and one size for the East Coast and has since sold out.

Pete Johnson's blend in this cigar is a ramped up version of the Havana VI line with enough added ligero to justify Pete referring to it as "a Havana VI on steroids".

Due to the size of this cigar, this review is only in two parts instead of the traditional thirds. 

Vitola: Petite Corona
Length: 4
Ring Gauge: 40
Wrapper: Nicaragua Habano
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: $4.25
Smoking Location: My back deck
Beverage: water

My Tatuaje Verocu #5 was a great looking little cigar. The wrapper was extremely smooth and consisted mainly of a solid medium brown color. When rolling this cigar around in my palm, I could tell that it was evenly packed and when pinching the stick from head to foot, I felt no soft spots. The cigar was slightly firm, but nothing that would give the impression of a tight draw. The pre-lit aroma was very leathery with a mild cedar scent sneaking in. The cap clipped easily and the cold draw was very mild. The draw itself was perfect for my preference, with a notable mix of raisin and a corky, woody flavor.

First Half 
POW! Right after putting flame to this little guy, I was punched in the face on the first draw with spice. Those who have smoked any of the Verocu line before will know exactly what I am talking about. That powerful Nicaragua black pepper zing was there in full effect. The cold draw flavors might have been mild; this flavor was not. The burn and draw were perfect, producing lots of smoke and, as you can see in the photo above, the ash was a very solid, bright white. After about an inch of this stick, the black pepper mellowed out a bit and I started picking up on a lot of rich leather notes on the front with some sweetened cinnamon flavor on the finish. The cinnamon flavor sat on the back on my tongue and lasted well over a minute between puffs. The body settled in the medium range.

Second Half and Final Thoughts
The end of the first half and the start of the second half of my Tatuaje Verocu #5 was all about rich, creamy leather flavors. The cinnamon had dissipated and the leather notes sat firmly on both the front and finish of each puff. Sometimes, when I have had very leathery tasting cigars in the past, they tend to leave my palate dry, but that was not the case with this stick. Each puff seemed to make my mouth water slightly and never had me reaching for my water. Towards the nub, the black pepper started to creep back into the profile and created a nice balance for the last few puffs. The body in the second half gained a bit more power and I would say sat in the medium to full range.

My final thoughts on the Tatuaje Verocu #5 (Pre Release)?  This is a great extension of the Verocu line and a great cigar for a short smoke. The powerful black pepper at the start really got this cigar off and flying, and the leather from midway on balanced the stick nicely and made for a smooth and enjoyable smoke.

Would I buy it again? I am sure I will be buying more of these little guys when they are available. I love a short cigar that is full flavor and not 100% one-dimensional. The construction was top notch and is another cigar from Tatuaje that you can clip, light, and go, without having to worry about re-lights or burn corrections.

Would I buy a box? A box purchase could be in the cards.


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  1. just ordered a box for myself! I have had the red tubos torp when they came out and your description sounds spot on